Vinyl Mastering in Edmonton? Yes, for Lisa Nicole Grace!

Edmonton Vinyl

It was a great pleasure recording Lisa Nicole Grace’s album.  It’s already been released, just this past winter in fact.  I recorded the drums at Two Bodies of Water, and everything else here at Phoneticsound.  We had a little more space at Two Bodies, as the live room here was being used for other projects.  Setup was quick and easy, with myself (Jeff) and James Seabrook both getting... Read More

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Workshop! Subtractive Synthesis : Moving Past The Presets


Music producer, DJ, and classical violinist, Jayeson Andel better known in the electronic dance music scene as Cobalt Infusion, spends most of his time working with sound. A graduate from The Art Institute of Vancouver’s Electronic Music program and over 15 years of violin training, he brings insight from school as well industry experience by working with record labels, playing live gigs, and... Read More

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Siberia (Lights) – The Remix


  So we haven’t recorded Lights (yet)– but Jeff Olson recently remixed her song “Siberia” and entered it into the Indaba contest she’s putting on.  Please check the site, enjoy some remixes, and vote for your favorite! Jeff won’t be offended if you don’t vote for his, but he feels it’s pretty good.  Decide for yourself at Indaba: Or... Read More

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On Location: Recording Jesse Peters Live At The Winspear


We went on location this week, recording Jesse Peters’ album live, in the studio at The Winspear Centrein Edmonton, AB.   Recording went great, and we’ll be posting more about it in the near future.  You can check out photos of the sessions on Flickr. Read More  Reads More

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Tiff Hall And Jesse Peters Teaming Up!


“Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.” —Art Blakey I really wish this statement was literal as it would have saved me time cleaning here in the studio this morning! Tiff Hall and her gang were in again today working on her new album! Jesse Peters, Travis Switzer, Matt Atkins and Chris Nordstron arrived early and ready for their third day in studio this week. Illness invited itself on... Read More

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Video Interview With James Corley Of Southroot

james corley

“Video killed the radio star” Uh oh! Watch out James Corley! I recently spent some time in studio with James Corley here at Phoneticsound and had the privilege of asking him a few questions about his band Southroot and their recording experience. The link below will bring you to a video of our conversation on day one of their time in studio recording their 3 song demo this fall. Tiff Hall and her... Read More

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Interview With Tiff Hall

tiff hall

“Music is the soul of language.” -Max Heindel Soulful music is the goal of Tiff Hall’s new musical project. I had the pleasure of meeting with her when she was here in studio. She shared some insight into the creation of her new album as well as some of her past musical experience that has led her to this place. Take a look at the video interview below!  Reads More

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Jesse Peters At The Winspear


“A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.  ~Benny Green” And a juggler of sorts he is. Jesse Peters combined comedy, outstanding musicianship, incredible composition and beautiful chemistry during his recent live recording at Edmonton’s Winspear Center. I had the privilege of sitting in on a portion of his session with engineer Jeff Olson. Accompanied by Matt Atkins... Read More

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Interview With Andrew Beltaos Of The Martingales


After months of post-recording mixing with Phoneticsound, the Martingales now hold the complete master of their second album. Beginning their recording in February 2010, Andrew Beltaos and the band worked alongside engineer and producer Jeff Olson to create a dynamic collection of new songs. I have personally enjoyed listening to their new album with it’s authentic ambient sounds and layers. Today... Read More

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Elaine Cust: Creating An Audiobook


We’ve had the privilege of recording the audio version of Elaine Cust’s book titled, On His Own Two Feet.  The book is a touching biography of Herold Granger, an Albertan man whose life took a sudden detour at the age of sixteen when he awoke one morning unable to move or speak.  On His Own Two Feet chronicles Herold’s determined approach to the numerous obstacles polio presented him, his... Read More

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